Friday, August 21, 2009


Do you know what I drew as a little girl?

Unicorns. Pegasus'.



Or some variation of those basic themes. Sometimes, I'd throw in a roller coaster if it was summer time and my days were filled with trips to our local amusement park. I enjoyed dreaming up my perfect coaster with lots of hills and no loops.

What I'm trying to say is that I never drew "boy" things, my princesses never had a prince, and you know why?

Because I couldn't draw anything remotely masculine. If I tried to draw a royal wedding, my grooms could have been the bride, because somehow, I just couldn't get the lines right. This was one of my major frustrations and likely the reason I ultimately gave up on one of my favorite past times. I didn't feel like I could progress.

And then I had you, a boy of my own, who doesn't much care for my unicorns and princesses and I had this crazy idea to "draw" you a note every day for your first year of kindergarten since you can't quite read them yet; and I HAD to draw boy things if I wanted you to actually like them.

And here I am, drawing superheroes and aliens and having a whopping good time of it, too. All of a sudden I can draw masculine faces even when I'm not plagiarizing someone Else's picture. I can freehand man faces and they actually look like men! Except for the dancing Elf I mentioned in yesterday's note. I must have temporarily lost my mojo somewhere and Thursday is probably not the best day to get creative.

I'm going to keep on it though, I'm going to keep drawing dancing elves until I get it right and hopefully someday soon you'll see something original in your lunch.

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