Friday, August 28, 2009

Flash Races to the Rescue!

This was taken from a page of one of your favorite Step Into Reading books:

It was a big reading week for you. Your teachers sent home a sheet of words you might be able to read and now I think I know why people become teachers; it must be so satisfying to watch kidlets sponge up what you teach them and then go out and actually apply it! Of course, the parents play a big role too, but I'll be honest, I had NO idea how to teach you to read before someone else started guiding you (hence the reason I have never been one of those overeager parents who taught you to read and multiply at age two). Now I feel like we've opened a treasure chest and I am getting such immense joy out of helping you along.

Tonight, I was teaching you the "sh" sound and when you are tired, you tend to sound words out and then say something completely different. For instance, you may sound out "Dog" Da-ah-ga and then announce with great pride HOUSE! After sounding out "S-ma-ah-sh" and rolling the sh sound around in your mouth for a few seconds, you went into auto pilot and came out with the first word that came to mind containing an sh and it wasn't smash. Nope. And here is where I tell you that I know I better REALLY watch my mouth in the car; but I didn't think about that until after I picked myself up off the floor because it was so innocent and funny and you were so mortified at what you just said, that laughter was all I had for it. You aren't one of those kids that swears, you are a little rule follower, so when something like that pops out of your sweet little mouth, it is funny; and the parenting police can kiss my...

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