Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekly Wrap - Superman with no Lower Body Strength

I really don't have an excuse for this:

The picture I drew that (sorry excuse for a superhero) from depicted Superman flying, but somehow his legs came out looking like tree stumps doing ballet. I scribbled the girl in haste and oh my, it shows.

Who am I kidding? I scribbled the whole thing in haste. I got lazy. It was Thursday night and I couldn't even bother to color properly. I stayed within the lines, but does that even really matter?

The good news is that you got another great laugh at my expense.


Did you know that your parent's learn with you? For instance, I learned at curriculum night this week that your teachers are much less comfortable speaking in front of adults than they are in front of you. This would have been fantastic information to have as a kid.

Also, sitting in a child sized blue plastic chair for more than five minutes is pretty uncomfortable when you've got a mom-sized rumpus.

I learned that you weren't exaggerating when you said they don't give you enough time to eat at lunch. Your schedule says 20 minutes in the cafeteria and 25 minutes of play in the 110+ weather. I'm not sure if teaching kids to stuff their faces as fast as they can and then forcing them out into the heat is such a good idea. I struggle with telling you to learn to deal with it, or turning into an annoying helicopter parent who wants to make sure her growing boy who never has enough to eat gets enough sustenance.

You will start homework next week, but I already know what to expect. I know there is a lot of debate out there about this sort of thing, especially for KGers, but you are so in love with school that we end up doing our own version of "homework" at night anyway. I think you are going to enjoy the challenge.

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