Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Six years. Time flies. It's hard to believe that it was six years ago that I first looked into those big eyes of yours and turned into a bawling bundle of happy mush. You had me wrapped around your itty bitty pinkie, right then and there.

Your grandma brought cupcakes for your class at school today and your teacher told her you are the best little boy. That's not surprising to me, because you are always so well-mannered, sweet and helpful; but it's always wonderful to hear someone else acknowledge it, too. In a class of unruly kids, you are the breath of fresh air. You are the studious student, and I think the fact that you are bigger than the rest of them helps you in this regard. You were accompanied home by a progress report today and you are doing well in all areas, but you are doing especially well in the behavioral aspect. I think that will lead to your success in learning. You are devouring knowledge at record pace, always asking questions, always wanting to know more. I've loved every age, but something about this age is particularly special.

Another little boy in your class shares your birthday, but he doesn't know it. He is the naughty boy, the one that gets time-outs for hitting and punching; the one who called the teacher a pig, the one who gets sent to *The Principal* on a regular basis. The fact that this little boy didn't even know today was his birthday speaks volumes and I feel bad for him. I hope that he enjoyed the cupcakes and I am glad that he got to celebrate it with you.

I love you, sweetheart, the day you were born was the best day of my life, and nothing will ever top that. Happy Birthday you big six year old!

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