Friday, March 5, 2010


I guess we can declare Dr. Seuss week officially over; hopefully we'll be a little more prepared next year. At least we had the books, right?

I think I've mentioned this before, but out of all the trees you bring home, my favorite are your Focused Writing Journals. It's hard to throw any of it away, but I have to (when you aren't looking) because there is not enough storage space in the world to keep it all. But those writing journals are like treasure, not only are the incredibly cute, but they give me insight as to where you are at in your comprehension of words.

This week's was centered around Dr. Seuss, naturally. On one page of the journal, you drew a picture of me reading to you before bed (I love that you included the ceiling fan in your room) with the sentence: "I lik dr. soos bookx. His brth biy wus yestrday."

(Hey, you got the two sentence thing right!)

And on another: "My favrrt book is by Dr Seuss. It is The Cat in the Hat Comes Back." You admitted that you looked at the book to spell the author's name, but you did REALLY good on that, regardless.

I can't mention your journals without also taking notice of the pictures. You have progressed in the picture drawing department immensely, and as far as the big picture goes, you are already leaps and bounds ahead of ye ol' Mom. Let's go back to that picture of me reading to you before bed. In it, you included your train table (which is actually in the garage now), the ceiling fan, your door, and of course, your bed. The bed was waaay tall, because it is waaaay tall and I love that you've got the perception to put that down on paper. If I had drawn that same picture, the only thing I would have drawn is a picture from that book, not the entire room.

Also, your people now have eyebrows.

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