Monday, April 26, 2010

Grandpa Max

Parents tend to think they know what their children will enjoy, and when you are very young(too young to really make up your minds on such matters), we tend to steer you toward Buzz Lightyear and other Disney-esque favs. You had a fabulous Buzz Lightyear costume that we recently gave to another little boy and a pretty cool dancing Buzz that's sitting in your closet; but truth be told, you never much cared for the Toy Story Scene. No, it was Power Rangers that first caught your attention and then Ben 10. Ben 10 is your first, full blown obsession and you are completely enamored. So enamored that you want to have ANOTHER Ben 10 birthday party this year. It's cute, really, and I love that you know the dates of the premiers and all of the characters (and there are a LOT of Ben 10 characters). I know I've said this before; but I think Ben 10 is a pretty cool show and totally get why you love it.

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