Thursday, May 27, 2010


That's it, you're done with Kindergarten. Despite the fact that you started the school-year in one district and ended it in another, there were still only 181 days in your school-year.

Words cannot describe how wonderfully proud I am of you. Not only did you grow academically and physically, but you grew emotionally as well. My shy little boy now has a gaggle of neighborhood friends that are constantly ringing the doorbell and you even warm up to adults more quickly than you did before. I can no longer *spell* things out when I don't want you to know what I'm talking about and you are now at least four-feet tall (probably closer to 4 ft 2 in).

I thought I would have more to say on the close of the school-year, but the truth is it's all right here and I don't need to make this long. You are pretty bummed that I don't plan on drawing you a picture every day next school-year, but this was a monumental task that I enjoyed doing for you and want to keep it as something special I did for you during your very first year of school. I am honored that you love the pictures so much and when I presented you with the final "book" of pictures, you went through every single one of them with me. That made it all worthwhile. I love you, baby boy; and congratulations on completing Kindergarten and becoming a big first-grader! (Because, you know, I always considered myself part of the next grade the day school got out.)

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