Monday, May 3, 2010

I Told You so

Today you found out why I make rules. When I tell you not to bring toys out when a certain child is around, I'm not being mean, I'm being protective. I loosened up those rules a bit after you pleaded to me with those big sweet eyes. I gave you motherly warning, but you persisted and then you came home with a broken Light Saber; the most expensive double sided one you have. Your little eyes were so sad and so defeated and to add insult to injury, I did something I should have never done; I said (in so many words) "I told you so".

Yeah, sorry about that, dude. I probably could have been a bit more sensitive in reminding you of why I made the rule in the first place.

The good news is that I think you learned a lesson: Mom isn't a big bad rule maker because she wants to make your life miserable. Mom is a rule maker to protect you.

But I also understand that sometimes you learn by breaking the rules. Today, I think you learned.

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