Monday, May 10, 2010

Tony Stark

I had a really wonderful Mother's Day. Without prompting, you came out of your room in the morning and the first thing you said was "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy". I melted, seriously melted; because you remembered and you are only six.

We went to see an early showing of Iron Man 2 and then that night I made dinner for all of us and a couple of friends, even yours, who you invited to dinner without permission first; but it was so stinking cute and innocent, I couldn't say no.

You and X had a ton of fun this weekend and you were even invited over to his house for a sleep over. I wasn't quite ready for that, but made a point of meeting his parents that night so that the next time you are asked, I may say yes.

Have I mentioned this is the kid who is going away for the entire summer? You admitted to me tonight that you are sad he is leaving. Me too, two and a half months is a long time in kid world.

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