Monday, August 17, 2009

Superman Redux

I hope I somewhat redeemed myself with this Superman, surely he's better than the last? This weekend I told you something I thought you already knew, given the origins of the first lunch note: I told you that I'm not coming up with these things from my imagination, but that I am copying (freehand, not tracing) from other pictures.

You said that I am cheating. So, in a moment of ohyeahwelltakethis maturity, I asked you if you could come up with the same thing just by looking at a picture.

Why yes, sometimes I act like a child, too.


You bought your first cafeteria lunch today, but the chicken nuggets were disappointing. You were expecting McDonald's and you got Tyson. You also weren't impressed with the carrots at the salad bar, but I was impressed that you at least took carrots from the salad bar. Welcome to the wonderful world of cafeteria food!

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