Friday, August 14, 2009

XLR8 - Weekly Wrap

I got to pick you up from school today. It only took 15 school days for it to happen, but I got to do it. I am wistful sometimes, you know; wishing I could do this sort of thing every day and still keep a roof over our heads and the refrigerator stocked. It is what it is though, so I'm going to count our blessings and enjoy the rare treat of taking you out of your teacher's hands. She knows me, I've been to all of the *functions*, but she still paused when you raised your hand to let her know your parent was there. She wasn't expecting me.

You are learning by leaps and bounds right now, but you get frustrated that you can't KNOW IT ALL instantly. I understand, patience is not one of my virtues either.

You seem to be settling in and finding your place. You have friends and you have girls that chase you; in fact your one and only time out happened because you were being chased and during The Getaway, you pushed yourself down the slide a little too hard and somehow ended up flipping over. You didn't understand the timeout for an accident, but because you still tell me everything, I got to tell you that the teacher just wants to make sure you don't get hurt.

You think homework is all that and a bag of chips and it kind of reminds me of how excited I was when I grew up and got my first bill. Of course, my opinion of bills changed over time, but I hope your enthusiasm for school remains constant.

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