Friday, July 31, 2009

Wall-E - Weekly Wrap

Congratulations on your first week of school!

Oops, I guess the lighting was bad when I colored Wall-E in, his tires are not supposed to be purple!

You officially adore school after your first week, and both of your teachers get an enthusiastic thumbs up. YOUR HORRIBLE MOTHER forgot to pack your water on the first day and when you got to go to the water fountain, you were only allowed to drink for the duration of "one banana, two banana, three banana, SPLIT!" You got a big thermos of water each day for the rest of the week and your HORRIBLE mother felt appropriately shamed.

Friday night, you eagerly awaited your corn on the cob and potatoes, which is noteworthy because you previously refused to try them. I believe your exact words were "Ooooh, I can't wait to try that corn on the cob and my potatoes!" I just about passed out from shock. I think this kindergarten thing is good for you.

You've said you never want to buy school lunch because you love my drawings so much. I'm sure there will come a day where they will embarrass you, or you will no longer have the wherewithall to resist the olive laden school salad bar; so I will find the time in the evening to draw them for you until you tell me not to.

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