Friday, September 4, 2009

Green Lantern

Par for the course: Thursday and Friday's notes aren't nearly as thought out as Monday through Wednesday's. So let me just apologize right now for Green Lantern: Ballerina Edition.

You aren't getting through very much of your lunch these days. You seem to only be able to find enough time to open up your "lunch note" and eat a bite of your sandwich. It is not a mystery as to WHY this is happening; by your own admission, you have too many "distractions" (your words). What are your distractions? Two girls, of course.

So I said that maybe it was time for you to sit with your guy friend "L" and you told me that "L's" mom doesn't want to buy him lunch, so he eats cafeteria food and sits at a different table. I don't think he is actually a "free" student, so it is pretty cute that you think bringing your lunch means buying it.

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