Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Asajj Ventress

We dog sat at our friend's house this weekend, and while we were there, you played their oldest son's Star Wars - The Clone Wars Wii game. A rated "T" game you didn't think I'd allow, but since you already own the DS version, I didn't think much of it. And really, it was just a bunch of light sabering and back-flipping; nothing super-duper violent that should cause parental concern.

I originally wanted to draw Yoda, because he's all cute and cuddly and well, more recognizable, but there were just too many creases for my weary eyes and every time I'd finish with his face, I was reminded of The World's Ugliest Dog.

I remembered that the only level you completed on the game was the level where you had to fight that bad-a$$ chick, and I knew I could at least manage a recognizable version of her, so there you are; that's how Whateverhernameis Ventress ended up in your lunch box today.

She's a little lopsided and definitely a smidgen too coneheaded, that's for sure, but at least I got the dress right. I think.

Oh, and now we want a dog someday. A Queensland Heeler if we're being exact. Which we are. Because that dog was the best dog EVER, even if she ate your cookies and chips while we weren't looking.

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