Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ice Cream

I confess, this has been a difficult week, lunch note wise. We've got a lot going on in our little world and a lot of it is good, but it is distracting...sort of like your friends at lunch. You actually got through four whole bites of your sandwich today (yes, I counted the little bite marks) so you declared today's lunch a victory. Uh, well, it's BETTER, but four tiny bites of a sandwich in twenty minutes doesn't exactly prove that you weren't distracted. I mean, I don't want you to DEVOUR your food, but I'm starting to think hot lunch is a better choice, since it means you won't sit with your "distractions".

In other news, you have repeated that you want to cancel your party enough that it has become a little bit of a nuisance and I had you pretty much convinced tonight that I had actually done as you had asked. I didn't exactly LIE about it, but stretched the truth to prove my point and when you told your father on the phone that I had cancelled your party, I couldn't help but silently score a parenthood victory when you told him, "No, we can't un-cancel it, because when Mommy says something, she really means it." HA! I can rest easy knowing that my child knows I am NOT a pushover.

(Even though I totally am in this instance. It is your BIRTHDAY party. I can't really mean it without giving myself the biggest guilt trip of my life.)

Do you know what is causing this whole debacle? I mean, you may not remember years from now, so let me write it down. For prosperity's sake.

You are afraid that your little *girl* friend from school will show up in a bikini.

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