Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grumpy Witch

Well, there ya go...finally a picture that came from my imagination. I was afraid you wouldn't like it, but you loved it and apparently so did your friends. It looks like my pictures have quite the following even if I do go a little crazy with the colored pencil on occasion.

Today, you came home with a gift certificate for a kid's meal at a local pizza place for perfect attendance the first quarter. We weren't striving for it, but the recognition was awesome.

You have your very first field trip tomorrow and I am so excited for you, but I feel like I forgot to study for a big test. Have you ever had one of those dreams where you go to school and forget something important? Well, parents have dreams like that, too, but these dreams revolve around forgetting something your child needs. I had a dream the other night that I owed the school six dollars for the field trip, but it turns out it wasn't a dream...I really did owe six dollars. So tonight, I am panicked because I can remember something being said about lunches tomorrow, but I can't remember if the $6 was for a sack lunch that will be provided or if you are supposed to bring your own sack lunch. I know the word "sack lunch" was used, so I decided to make you a lunch "just in case". Except we are trying to run your lunch account down before our move so I don't have to ask the school for a refund, and it's slim pickings in our pantry right now. I managed to throw crackers, cheese, an apple and dessert in your Transformers lunch box, but really, I hope the $6 is for the lunch they are providing because what I put in there is pathetic. HOW CAN I NOT HAVE ACCEPTABLE LUNCH FOOD AVAILABLE FOR MY CHILD? See? It feels like I forgot to study. I am, for lack of a better word, very discombobulated right now. I do not have together.


I know you've learned a lot in the last three months, but every once in a while you do something that reminds me just how far you have come. You knew how to write the short version of your first name in all caps block letters when you started school, but as I've mentioned before, I didn't do the whole parental teacher thing. I was too lazy and I had NO idea how to go about it.

And then you do something that reminds me that it was OK that I didn't do that, because you are picking it up like you've known it forever. Sometimes I think it might have even been a good thing that I was lazy, because your eagerness to learn, the pure joy you experience from it, probably wouldn't have come so easily if you were learning it for a second time.

Earlier tonight you told me you were going to go onto gamestop dot com. I didn't think much of it, until you called me over to help you.

This is what I found:

You had opened a google search page and typed in www.gstop all by yourself. If I taught you anything, it was how to get around on the computer. You are your mother's son.

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