Friday, October 2, 2009

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Today marked the start of your first Intersession Break...what am I going to do for the next two and a half weeks if I'm not making you notes? Maybe I should build up a supply of them for you, since we are probably going to be pretty busy for a while after you go back. I personally find two and a half weeks off a little ridiculous at this point in the school year, but it's actually working out well for us. You get to spend a week with your daddy for the first time, ever, and I'm trying hard to think of it as just an extended weekend. It's easier to swallow that way, you know.

I keep going back to something your teachers told me at the conference on Tuesday: they said that you are extremely well-adjusted, and that just made me want to sing. Because you? You are amazing. You take whatever is thrown at you and you just deal with it. Your six years have been filled with more upheaval than you should have to deal with; and even though there are always periods of adjustment where we both want to pull our hair out, you adjust so much faster than most kids could.


Your extremely proud Mom


  1. ooh. i like well-adjusted. especially since i am so not most days! well done...xoxo.

  2. That is wonderful news. I'm sure hearing those words from his teacher is more comforting and rewarding than words can say. And I love your idea for lunch notes. Very, very sweet.