Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Apple Tree

You have been doing a lot of drawing of your own recently. On Monday, you and X sat outside on our doorstep and drew pictures of Ben 10; including some never before seen creative aliens of your own. Last night, you felt like drawing a tree for me to take to work. It had flowers, grass, dirt, sky, sun and two floating hearts and it is the sweetest tree I've ever seen.

In school news, you've been coming home with a lot of "extra" homework, aka: work you don't complete at school. So when I asked the air why your teacher is not communicating any issues to me, you came clean because you are one honest little dude. You told me you talk to much. I, of course, did the motherly thing and gave you a speech about it, but I'm secretly glad that you are comfortable enough to talk too much.

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